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Venus square Venus

Let's all just get along

Kelli Fox

Working hard, sticking to your budget or your diet and other such difficult tasks will be even harder than usual during the two weeks of this transit. You just don't feel motivated to do much of anything, much less something difficult. It's not that you can't put in the effort; you do have stores of energy you can access if you absolutely have to, and you'll get the job done.

But you're much more prone to self-indulgence now. You want to go out shopping or eat rich foods that make you feel lavish and pampered. There's absolutely nothing wrong with a little pampering, except that you'll probably take it too far now. You're also in a very conciliatory mood; you could let someone walk all over you because you're simply not in the mood to stand up for yourself and cause a fuss. If you go out with someone new, let's hope it's someone nice, because you'll let people get away with a lot at this time. Your motto might be, Let's all just get along! A nice sentiment, but not always appropriate. In general, though, this transit will be a pleasant one, if a bit low-energy.

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