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Venus square Uranus

Needing space

Kelli Fox

You're feeling flirty and restless, and you're not in the mood to put up with the same old stuff -- even if it's stuff you like. If you've been getting to know someone special lately, this transit might change things between you. You're in the mood for something new, which could mean a variety of things -- maybe you'll start a fight, because conflict seems more interesting to you than getting along; or maybe you'll cut off the relationship and move on to someone new.

It's not likely that you'll do anything that drastic unless other, concurrent transits support making rash decisions and big changes, but still, do be careful under this energy's influence. You might do or say something you'll regret later, and you'll have to clean up any mess you make during this time. If you go out with someone new, they'll likely find you interesting and fun, but not very warm emotionally; you're not interested in love and affection now, after all. You're more interested in experience, and the newer and more unusual, the better. You might be better off not going out with anyone new now, because you're not the most reliable date around.

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