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Venus square Sun

Too much fun

Kelli Fox

You really want love and approval during this two-week transit, and you'll seek it actively. While that's not a bad thing in itself, it could mean that your mind is more on romance than on anything else, and you could find it hard to get things done, like, say, your work. You also might reach out to potential lovers who really aren't a good match for you, and while trying to make it work out because you really, really, really want a mate, you'll be overly conciliatory with them.

It's nice to be nice, but you can see why that would be a bad thing if you get hooked up with someone who's not really worthwhile for you! It's possible that someone you're attracted to during this transit might present you with some kind of problem -- some tension that will be difficult to deal with. Even if that doesn't happen, you're in the mood to have a good time and you're going to make that happen no matter what, even if it means having a little too much fun with someone who really isn't worth your time. It would probably be better to stick to friends you know well during this period; at least be very discriminating in whom you choose to date.

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