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Venus sextile Venus

Lit up from the inside

Kelli Fox

You won't have to put much effort into feeling great and looking your best during this transit, because you're lit from the inside with a glow of warmth and affection. You want to reach out to everyone -- friends, family, and especially that special someone whom you've had your eye on. You stand a really good chance during these couple of weeks to start up a new flirtation or even a new romance.

You're in the mood for fun, for beauty, for affection, so treat yourself -- get a massage, buy some new clothes or do something else that will make you feel relaxed and attractive. If you go out with someone new, you'll want to indulge them in the same wonderful way you're indulging yourself. They'll definitely enjoy the VIP treatment! You're putting out some wonderful vibes at this time, of genuine warmth and care. For this reason, you and that special someone could make steps toward getting serious, because they'll know that you're for real. Or you might decide to keep a flirtation light, because this transit is all about having fun and being lighthearted. It's up to you whether you take things to a deeper level; either way, you'll have a great time.

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