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Venus sextile Neptune

Attuned to beauty

Kelli Fox

Beauty is enormous to you during this transit -- consuming and all-important, a conduit to your higher self. Physical beauty is one thing, but you'll also respond to inner beauty in a potential lover, and if you reach out and make contact, you'll feel as if your souls have connected. This is a really good time to go out with someone who has caught your eye, because you'll make a really dreamy, romantic, emotional bond.

If you've already been getting to know someone special, you'll daydream about your relationship and all the possibilities it holds for the future of your love life. If you get a chance to get together with this person, you'll work to create a really romantic date -- you might cook them dinner at home and eat together by candlelight, or take them out on the lake for an evening canoe ride to watch the sun set. You want to be in their service, and you want to make them feel wonderful. You're highly sensitive at this time, more able than usual to intuit that special someone's feelings and needs and respond to them. You'll read even their subtlest cues, and treat them with great kindness and tenderness.

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