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Venus sextile Mars

Giving and receiving

Kelli Fox

You're magnetically attractive now, so use this transit to reach out to your potential sweetie. You're ready and willing to assert yourself, and you're not scared to be completely open about how you feel about them. But you're also in mood to receive pleasure as well as giving it!

This transit is all about balance, and there's little risk that you'll either be too selfish or too forward in your advances. Instead, you'll hit just the right note, and what a sweet note it will be. You're in a mood to go out and mingle, so parties and clubs are your best milieu during this time. You want to flirt and interact on a face-to-face basis, so don't stay home, glued to the computer screen! Get out there and make contact, and enjoy yourself. You'll be the life of the party, and your admirers will surround you, vying for your attention. If that special someone gets amorous, you'll love it and you'll serve it right back up to them. And if they're normally shy or reserved, they'll appreciate your warmth, passion and spunk, because you'll loosen them up enough to have a good time and start what could turn into a really special connection.

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