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Venus sextile Jupiter

Attracted to people with values

Kelli Fox

That special someone who has caught your eye will bring out your best side during this transit, because you'll be filled with such good feelings and optimism for your romantic future. You'll be warm and loving if you make contact or go out on a date, and you'll make a potential sweetie feel just wonderful. You're attractive and upbeat at this time; your soul feels infused with positive energy, which makes it a wonderful time to go out with someone special.

In fact, any relationship begun during this transit has a good chance of lasting, because it's such an auspicious time for love. If you do start an affair now, it will help you grow as a person and as a lover. Anyone you get involved with now is good for you on some level. You're open to whatever they have to teach you, and you'll soak up their good influence like a flower soaks up the sun. If you are attracted to someone special now, you can feel reasonably certain that they're worth your time. You're drawn to people with values -- people who live according to strong moral codes, people who command your respect.

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