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Venus sextile Juno

Heart of gold

Kelli Fox

Follow up any attraction you feel during this time to that hottie you've had your eye on, because chances are good that they're not just pretty on the outside. Inner beauty shines through, after all, and your senses are attuned during this two-week transit to the kind of beauty that comes out from the inside. If you've ever had the pessimistic impression that pretty people can't be good at heart too, this transit will break that assumption wide open!

This is a great time to meet someone new and start getting to know them, and you'll be very attracted to them physically as well as emotionally. There will be a pleasant hum between you of attraction and romance, and a feeling that this could turn into a very big-deal relationship. And even if that doesn't happen, it's okay; it's still fun to flirt with someone who's sweet, goodhearted and really hot! But the energy is right for starting up something new that is going to be very significant in your life. If there's someone you're very attracted to that you've already been getting to know, this could be the period when you step up the relationship to the next level or even make a commitment.

Venus sextile Juno in the Compatibility Chart

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