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Venus opposite Venus

Keep a journal of your feelings

Kelli Fox

You want things to be so sweet and easy during this transit that you might not get a lot of work done, and you could end up compromising on issues that come up between you and that special someone. If there's someone you've been getting to know, irritations could arise now, and you might end up getting your feelings hurt. But instead of standing up for yourself, which sometimes is the only appropriate thing to do, you might try to suppress your feelings and pretend everything's fine.

That's how much you want harmony in your life right now. But suppressing your feelings is never a good idea; it's the best way to ensure that they'll come back later, only stronger and more insistent that you face and deal with them. It's better to work things out as they come up, but that's a lot more easily advised than carried out on your part. If you really can't bring yourself to talk honestly with your potential sweetie about the issues that arise at this time, then keep a journal and write down all your feelings. That way, in a week or two when this energy passes, you can go back, look through it all and see what needs to be dealt with and what has resolved itself.

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