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Venus opposite Uranus

A lack of balance

Kelli Fox

The energy of this transit could make itself known in a variety of ways and venues, but however it comes out, it's all about changing the normal, usual course of your day. You might be attracted to someone really unusual during this time, someone who wouldn't normally catch your eye -- or who would usually actually turn you off. You might feel easily upset during this period, ready to react against even imagined slights; and you might use these made-up tensions as an excuse to break off contact with someone you've been getting to know.

Or, you might just do something new and different, like calling in sick at work and going to a movie. You're restless, and your emotions are also changeable during this period. You might say things you'll later regret or make impulsive decisions that will make you wonder later what in the world you were thinking. You might have a hard time focusing on just one potential romantic partner, too. There could be several people who catch your eye, each for a different reason, and you'll want it all! Go ahead and pursue whomever catches your eye; just don't make any promises you can't keep.

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