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Venus opposite Pluto

Keep some perspective

Kelli Fox

You'll have some deep desires during this transit, and they might or might not get you into trouble. You could be drawn to someone beyond anything you've experienced in a while, because they will represent something erotically transcendent to you. At a deep level, you want to be changed by love and sex, to be transported to a brand-new consciousness.

If there's someone you've already been getting to know, this might be the period of time when you push to move the relationship to the next level -- or you might completely shift focus onto someone new that you just can't stop thinking about. Obsession is a big possibility during this time, and especially erotic obsession. You might find yourself lying awake for long hours, dreaming of this person and really working yourself up. Due to the intensity of your feelings, you might think the relationship itself is intense -- that it's meant to be in some deeply fated or karmic way. But thinking that way overlooks the fact that you don't really know this person. Whatever erotic attraction you're feeling is, at this point, basically a projection -- something you've made up in your mind. Try to tone it down.

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