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Venus opposite Neptune

Deluding yourself

Kelli Fox

If there's someone special on your horizon, this transit could make you feel very disappointed when they fail to live up to everything you expect of them. Even if you haven't made contact yet with them, you're in the kind of mind space in which you'll build this person up to be The One -- based on limited information, obviously, and very limited experience with who they really are as a person! Yet off you'll go into fantasy land, dreaming about how things will be between you and all the wonderful love you'll give and receive with this person.

High standards like that create a really long fall to the ground when you get a taste of reality -- which is that this person is very different from who you think they are. They might not even like you or be attracted to you, or you might end up not liking them... The list of potential upsets to the relationship is endless, but the only way you can really figure out what your romantic potential is with another person is to start getting to know them. And that's the trouble with this transit: Instead of getting to know this person, you'll be projecting all of your own needs, desires and expectations onto them.

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