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Venus opposite Jupiter

A hard time saying no

Kelli Fox

Are you able to keep yourself and your desires in check, even when they're running strong and hot within you? That's the challenge this transit will present. It's a fun one, but you could have a little too much fun.

You'll have a hard time saying no during this week; you could have an overstuffed social calendar, because you'll want to attend every function you're invited to. If more than one person asks you on a date, you'll fit those in too. You're attractive in your current high energy and indulgent mood, so you might well draw plenty of admirers. Enjoy yourself; just try to be moderate when it's appropriate! Don't drink too much, or eat to excess, or go over-budget on a date. If you do, you could end up with a hangover, an empty wallet and a few unwanted pounds that need shedding. In general, though, this transit will be a fun one while it lasts. You'll live by the 'buy now, pay later' philosophy, not worrying about your excesses because, hey, you won't have to deal with them until next week! Right? Well... Sort of. Any relationship you begin during this period might turn out not to be the real deal, if you're just into someone for their money or their good looks.

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