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Venus conjunct Venus

New beginnings

Kelli Fox

You might think you've been totally obvious about your interest in that special someone, but this two-week transit offers you the perfect opportunity to really get it out in the open. Let them know how you feel. It will probably end up jump-starting the relationship and moving things to the next level, because the energy during this time is all about renewal and new beginnings.

You're very magnetic now, so you can pull your honey to you by just thinking about them, and chances are good that doing so will have great effects. Whether a flirtation that begins during this time will be just that or grow into something significant depends on other factors; but if you're strongly attracted to someone now, the time is right to do something about it. You're feeling highly romantic and attuned to the loving vibes of the world. You're very affectionate now; you might want nothing more than to cuddle up with someone and stroke their hair while you murmur words of endearment! If no one special catches your eye during this transit, you should still go out with friends and have a good time. You're not in the mood to be alone!

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