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Venus conjunct Uranus

Seeking excitement through love

Kelli Fox

Love at first sight could hit you like a brick over the head during this transit! And if it's not that intense, you'll still be surprised by the direction and strength your tastes take on at this time. You'll probably become very attracted to someone who's not your normal type at all, and their very differentness will turn you on in an almost kinky way.

You've got a taste for the exotic, or at least the very, very different. If you're normally into straight, reliable types, you'll go for someone artistic and wacky who wouldn't wear a watch if you paid them. Another possibility during this transit is shifting feelings for someone you've already been getting to know. You just want to shake it up! You don't have patience for the same ol', same ol'. You want someone new to make you feel like a new person, and you might be willing to go to some great lengths to make that happen. Even so, cutting off a perfectly good relationship just to pursue the wild tickle you suddenly feel would be a shame. Try not to make any rash decisions during this period, though that's easier said than done.

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