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Venus conjunct Sun

All the rage

Kelli Fox

Your personality is given a dose of warmth and fun and romance with this transit. You're all sparked up, ready to meet someone new and have a great time together, so reach out to whoever catches your eye. You're in a uniquely good space for finding romance, because you feel confident and attractive, and you've got a rosy view of everyone around you.

Affection comes easily and naturally to you now; if you take someone special out on a date, you'll make them feel like the only one in the room with your sweet attention! Your natural charisma will be for them as honey to a bee; they'll want to keep coming back for more. So get out there into the world, and chat up your potential sweetie. Parties are great places for you to meet, connect and impress, but one-on-one dates would be wonderful, too. You're on a natural high, and everyone around you will respond accordingly. Don't be surprised if you become really, really popular at this time! Everyone's noticing how attractive and fun you seem, and you could be all the rage on the dating scene...at least, for a week or two. So enjoy it!

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