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Venus conjunct Saturn

A lack of hope and confidence

Kelli Fox

You're grounded at this time, and maybe a little too grounded. Instead of feeling whimsical about romance, you're more likely in a space of pondering your love life and what it all means, especially for your future. This transit inspires a very practical mindset, and possibly depression or pessimism.

You might decide that a flirtation you've been indulging in really isn't the best thing for you in the long term, and you'll let it go during this period. Or, you might go to someone you trust -- a friend or someone in your family with more experience in love than you have had -- and ask them for advice on which way you should turn. That's always a good idea, as long as you're able to take advice with a grain of salt. Sometimes, you're the best authority on your own love life, and in times like this transit, you just have to remember that your slightly pessimistic view of things will pass. You'll get your confidence back, and your sense of hope. But for now, don't expect to feel too excited about your prospects in love. Even if you do make contact with someone special during this time, you might spend too much time feeling anxious about the affair to really enjoy it.

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