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Venus conjunct Pluto

An intense and unusual love

Kelli Fox

This transit could bring about some sort of upheaval in your love life, because you're in the mood for something intense, and if it doesn't happen naturally, you'll subconsciously make it happen. You might break off a flirtation that you've been enjoying up to now, or you might start a fight because you just want to shake things up in a big, deep way. If there's someone new and special in your life, you could push them away during this time by being overly possessive of them -- after all, you don't even know them very well yet, so why are you getting all worked up?

You'll probably fall hard and fast for anyone you get involved with now, so watch out. You could feel completely infatuated with them, but that's not a reflection of reality! It's just you and your state of mind at this time. It might not even have anything to do with the person you think is so special. You also might be manipulative during this transit, trying to keep your new object of obsession close by using emotional games instead of something more honest and aboveboard, like simple getting-to-know-you conversations and pleasant interactions on your dates.

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