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Venus conjunct Neptune

Consumed with visions of love

Kelli Fox

You're in touch with your highest ideals when it comes to love during this transit, and you could either have an amazing emotional experience with that special someone, or else set yourself up for a fall. After all, no one is perfect, and there might not be any one person who's really The One for you. But you'll dream of them anyway, and you'll know just how you'll feel when you meet them or touch them.

If it happens, wow! You'll be on cloud nine. You'll make an amazing emotional connection with this potential sweetie, and you'll feel as if the future is full of limitless possibilities. On the other hand, if you don't meet someone at this time who really sets your heart afire, you could feel lonely and disappointed by the end of the transit. If you build up that special someone to be someone they just aren't, you could feel inordinately disappointed in a week or two, when their true colors start to seep through that rose-colored filter you've got firmly positioned in front of your eyes. It's not that you'll hook up with a bad person during this transit; it's that you'll make a connection with someone normal, but you'll make them out to be a demigod.

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