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Venus conjunct Mercury

Good times ahead

Kelli Fox

What a great mood you're in! You're lighthearted, and you're just not able to make yourself focus on anything that's dull or sad or depressing. You don't see any reason to dwell on all the parts of life that are painful or just mundane; instead, you want to reach out and experience people who are as good-humored as you are, people who are also in the mood to have a great time.

You'll infect everyone around you with your good mood, which makes this a great time to throw a dinner party or just get everyone together. By all means, invite that hottie you've got your eye on! You're at your witty, flirtatious best, and you'll make a great impression. If there's someone you've already been getting to know, now's a good time to step things up to the next level. Short, fun little day trips are just your speed during these couple of weeks; take your potential sweetie antiquing in a country town or go to the park if the weather's nice. And if you really, really like them, let them know. Your words will flow smoothly at this time, and you'll express yourself well. Your romantic thoughts are highlighted now, and it's a great time to connect on that level.

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