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Venus conjunct Mars

Forward, but still sensitive

Kelli Fox

You're assertive and forward during this transit, willing to go after the object of your desires with a single-minded determination. But the good news about the energy influencing you during this time is that it still allows you to read the signals that special someone sends your way, and respond to their needs. You're passionate and turned on, in all applicable ways, but you probably won't overstep your bounds with your potential sweetie.

You feel attractive now, and that's part of the boost in your energy; you just feel able and eager to reach out to people and make great things happen. No one special in your life? You can still have a good time at a party or club, flirting with all the good-looking people that surround you. But chances are good that there's one person who stands out above the rest, one person that you're especially interested in during this time. You'll set your sights on them and you'll pursue them romantically with the best weapons of all -- warmth, generosity, passion and affection. Who can resist a combination like that? Not your future honey, that's for sure!

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