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Venus conjunct Jupiter

A big heart

Kelli Fox

Well, you won't have a whole lot of self-discipline during this transit, but so what? This is a time to enjoy yourself, not to apply yourself in a diligent, dedicated way. You're tuned in to the pleasures of life more than anything else this week.

You feel optimistic and outgoing, and you want to reach out to the object of your affections. You're feeling self-indulgent; if you're out shopping, anything that catches your eye goes into the cart, because you want to be surrounded by beautiful things that put you even more in touch with the beauty of life. That's true in romance, too -- you're attracted to beautiful people, and you want to indulge your potential sweetie just as you're indulging yourself. If you go on a first date during this transit, there's a high likelihood that it will lead to a second date, because you'll both have a great time. You're putting out good feelings and generosity, and you'll make your potential honey feel wonderful -- attractive, nurtured, warmly attended. Your big heart is expanded during this transit, and you're even more able than usual to reach out and make a really fun, warm connection.

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