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Venus conjunct Juno

A light within

Kelli Fox

Anyone you get involved with during this two-week transit will stimulate you on a physical level as well as an emotional one, and could have you thinking sweet, hopeful thoughts about long-term goals like commitment and love. That's right -- you could find in someone that special blend that you've been looking for: someone who would make a great mate for you on all levels, including physical. And what a fun, great relief it will be to find that this person who's such a hottie is also a good person, someone you can see yourself committing to and even growing old with!

You're attracted to looks during this time, but the likelihood is high that what you're seeing isn't just the compilation of their physical features, but the light that glows from within. You've got a keen eye for lasting beauty at this time -- meaning, the kind of beauty that's both skin-deep and inside a person. So if you're attracted to someone now, it's a wonderful time to reach out and start getting to know them better. The chances are good that it will turn into something important and long-term. Even if that doesn't happen, a fun flirtation with a very attractive someone will do you good.

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