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Uranus trine Venus

Hot property

Kelli Fox

Well, aren't you the popular one! During this one-year transit, you'll have an influx of invitations to dates and parties, because suddenly, you're the hot property. This is the perfect time to go out with lots of different people and have a great time while trying out different types of connections to see which one makes you happiest.

You're not judgmental now; you can go out on a date with someone who has obvious 'flaws,' such as hang-ups or insecurities, and you'll still be perfectly accepting of them and interested in getting to know them better. In this way, you'll put everyone around you at ease, because they won't feel like they have to go out of their way to impress you. That will ease up the tension all around, making room for everyone to just enjoy themselves! This is the perfect energy and influence for throwing a singles' party. Invite all your single friends and admirers, serve cocktails and appetizers, play some music and see what happens. By the end of the night, some new and exciting relationships will be in the works! If you're the one who gets romantically involved, it will be with someone who allows you plenty of freedom within the relationship.

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