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Uranus trine Sun

New, interesting friends

Kelli Fox

You may not make a long-term romantic connection during this one-year transit, but you'll certainly have a good time, and you'll make a great impression on anyone you go out with. You're very much yourself during this period; any insecurities you may have suffered from in the past suddenly seem insignificant. You're happy to be the exact, unique person that you are, and to let others get to know you as such.

You'll feel a sense of personal power that will translate to other people as natural charisma, so don't be surprised if you collect admirers and invitations during this time! The reason these might not turn into a long-term love affair, however, is that you're feeling more friendly than romantic. Unless there's a concurrent transit that's strongly romantic and attachment-focused, you'll be more interested in making new friends than in taking a lover. Group activities are right up your alley, so to go parties and night clubs where you can interact with lots of different people in a single venue. You're attracted to people who are as unique and unusual as you are, and you deserve to have some fun.

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