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Uranus trine Saturn

The challenge of a fulfilling life

Kelli Fox

If you're used to being overly cautious and selective in your love life, that's about to change -- in the most fun and beneficial way possible. This transit is all about a happy graduation to a new level of maturity in your life. This one year period will be full of interesting interactions with unusual people who will help you along your current path, that of learning to live and love in a new, freer way.

You'll have more fulfilling interactions with that special someone than ever before, because you're getting down to the root of things -- how you really want to live, what kind of life you really want to lead. For one thing, you want a life full of love, of interactions with people you care about and whose company you enjoy. You'll impress your admirers with your new outlook on life, because you're learning to be more giving and forgiving with others. You won't fault a potential sweetie for their insecurities or other shortcomings, because you know you're not perfect either. You won't treat dating as a game anymore -- it's still fun, but it's also serious and interesting and real. You're ready for the challenge of a fulfilling love life.

Uranus trine Saturn in the Compatibility Chart

Uranus trine Saturn in the Transit Chart

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