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Uranus trine Pluto

Pondering the universe

Kelli Fox

You're existing on a deep level of life during this one-year transit. As a result, you won't be interested in frivolous relationships, except perhaps occasionally, as a fun diversion from the intensity of your daily life. In general, though, you're more interested in connecting with someone with whom you can explore the bigger themes of life: what it all means, what your place in it might be and so on.

And love! Love is a big source of questioning and interest during this time, especially since you're on a quest to find love and keep it around for a while. You'll be attracted to people who are as intellectually penetrating as you are. You want to talk about all the weightiest subjects, so if you go on a date with someone who wants to chitchat about the weather, you'll probably say your polite but firm goodbyes at the end of the evening. Going out to documentary films that can teach you something profound about the human condition would be a wonderfully thought- and conversation-provoking date for you at this time. You also might meet someone new in an unexpected place and end up staying up all night, pondering the folds and wrinkles of the universe.

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  1. Emiliana on December 1, 2016 at 3:49 pm

    Wonderful forecast! Thanks!

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