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Uranus trine Mercury

Provoking conversations

Kelli Fox

During this one-to-two year transit, your thirst for stimulating intellectual contact with a lover will increase to the point that it becomes a prerequisite to an ongoing relationship. If they can't turn on your mind, they won't be able to turn on any other part of you either, and you'll go your separate ways. Your intuition will also be humming right along during this period, so follow your instincts in love.

Your unconscious mind will pick up on signals that will lead you toward people that have the kind of unique outlook you're seeking now. You want a lover who will excite you with their individual perspective, their crazy stories of things they've experienced in life that you've never even dreamed of. If you go out with someone and the conversation wanes, or if they give mundane answers to all your probing questions, you probably won't make it to date number two. Or if you do, it will be because you prodded, probed and provoked them into coming out of their shell! After all, everyone has a unique story to tell; you're just not in the mood to work too hard or wait too long to hear it.

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