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Uranus trine Mars

In pursuit of action

Kelli Fox

This is the perfect time to take control of your love life. Your confidence is on high, and you're in the mood to get out there and have a great time. Even if you've had some challenging romantic experiences in the past, you're not beaten down; in fact, you're stronger now, because you know more about what you want in love and how to get it.

When a certain, special someone catches your eye during this one-year period, you're not likely to sit back and wait for them to notice you; instead, you're going to make contact, and they'll be impressed by your take-charge attitude. Everyone likes to feel pursued, after all! Any relationship you enter into during this period will be a unique and unusual one. You don't want to do things the same old way; you've got exciting new ideas about fun dates and innovative ways to get to know someone better. Instead of going to an action-adventure flick, you want to live and breathe the action yourself; you might ask a date to go bungee jumping or go-cart riding with you, or something equally fun and active. Along with that taste for action comes a quick temper, so watch what you say to a potential sweetie.

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