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Uranus square Venus

Strange and interesting encounters

Kelli Fox

During this one-year transit, don't expect to find that stable, committed relationship you've been looking for. You might think you want a reliable bond with someone you can depend on, but really, deep down, you're looking for excitement. And excitement is probably just what you'll get during this period, for better or for worse.

A series of strange and interesting affairs could fill up your time, or even one-night stands that leave you feeling either stimulated or a bit depressed. This transit isn't necessarily about experiences that lead to a greater understanding of yourself; it's more about chaos. The situations you get yourself into will just be strange and, let's hope, interesting; and in the best of all worlds, your attitude toward love and relationships will evolve. Your morals and ideals about love relationships could change over the course of time; perhaps before you were against short, intense affairs, for example, but this period in your life will open you up to them a bit more. Whatever happens, try to have fun -- and be careful. You could get into some romantic mishaps if you don't watch out, so try to avoid anything that could turn permanently damaging.

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