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Uranus square Uranus

Rock that boat

Kelli Fox

This one-year transit occurs only twice in a lifetime, and its effects will be important for the rest of your life, so sit up and take notice of the lessons this period offers you. This time is all about the search for a meaningful existence -- finding ways to spend your time doing things that will make you feel fulfilled as a human being. In the past, you may have lived your whole life according to what other people expected of you, starting with your parents, continuing on through school, jobs and so on.

But this transit challenges you to stop living for other people and start living according to your very own, unique life philosophy. When it comes to love, ask yourself -- what is important to you in a love affair? Do you care more about finding a mate that other people will approve of, or one that speaks to your soul, to who you are deep down inside? The answer is probably Option B, even if your insecurities tell you to choose A. It's certainly easier to do what other people expect; we've all repeatedly heard the phrase

Uranus square Uranus in the Compatibility Chart

Uranus square Uranus in the Transit Chart

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