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Uranus square Sun

Roll with the punches

Kelli Fox

During this one-year transit, you're less in the mood to compromise, which could make your dating life hard, to say the least. You just want what you want when you want it, whether that's independence (which is likely) or intimacy (less so). You might burn through several different romantic liaisons during this period, because your feelings will be erratic.

One minute you'll think that certain someone is very special indeed, only to do a complete one-eighty the next minute and push them away. Anything that limits your freedom during this period will feel like too much to handle, so a committed relationship is pretty much out. Even if you do meet and fall in love with someone and end up committing yourself to them, you'll still struggle within the confines of the relationship. You might have a hard time sticking to your commitment or you'll just start arguments as a way to clear the air of the tension you'll feel almost constantly. Don't expect your plans to go through seamlessly. Even if you feel totally dedicated to that special someone, whatever plans you make will probably be subject to change by outside forces beyond your control. it's up to you to roll with the punches.

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