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Uranus square Saturn

Making way for someone new

Kelli Fox

Changes, most of them sudden and unexpected, will mark this one-year transit. In your love life, these changes will be all about the breaking down of walls, the toppling of old modes of behavior that aren't serving you well. On the surface, they'll just look like upsets and setbacks that will make you feel tense and confused.

You'll probably go through at least one breakup during this period; if so, it will be due to the fact that the relationship was limiting you in some important way. Deep down, your soul is seeking freedom and expansion; but the way that you'll make it happen will feel disruptive, even if it's good for you in the long run. Maybe you're used to staying in relationships that aren't good for you, because it's preferable to you to be in a relationship than to be alone. This period won't allow you to stay with a person or situation that's not treating you well, but getting out of it won't be a piece of cake. This is about testing you, about challenging you to stand up for yourself and face the parts of yourself that are less than fully evolved. By the end of this challenging period, you'll be a better, healthier, more self-realized person, more ready for beneficial love.

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