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Uranus square Neptune

Face reality

Kelli Fox

This could be a strange and troublesome one-year period for you. You won't feel as if you have a clear grasp on your love life or the people in it; you may be deceived by a lover or not know what to decide about staying in a relationship or getting out of it. If you're involved with someone during this time who is controlling and charismatic, you might stay with them, even if they're neither good to you nor for you.

You're easily swayed at this time; your grip of your own reality is tenuous at best, and other people can really mislead you if they want to. Furthermore, you could come under the sway of an unrealistic ideal related to love, and spend all your time trying to live it out as reality -- even if it's impossible. After all, both people and relationships are inherently flawed; that's not a tragedy, that's just the way life is. If you try to perfect on it, you'll only meet with disappointment. On the other hand, if living in a fantasy of what love could be is your way of withdrawing from reality for a time, that's your business. Do be careful, though; drinking too much is a danger during this period, as is getting involved with someone whose strong ideas could overtake your own.

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