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Uranus square Mercury

An annoying habit

Kelli Fox

Let's hope you don't go out with anyone who's intellectually conservative during this long transit, because you'll react against anything and anyone that seems limited. You'll have no problem provoking arguments with people you don't even know, because you'll think your perspective is so much farther-reaching than theirs is. But so what?

That's no reason to challenge and intimidate someone -- especially someone with whom you're trying to make a romantic connection. There's nothing romantic about speaking sharply to each other! Unless you get off on fighting and then kissing and making up... Which, during this transit, you just might. In any case, you'll jump to conclusions much too easily. You won't even wait for your date to finish their thought before you jump all over them -- only to find that you misunderstood what they were saying because you didn't listen. That kind of hot-blooded, over-hasty response will mark this entire transit; too bad it's such a long one. You could find it hard to make a lasting connection with anyone, as your feelings toward them will change lightning-fast and you'll annoy them with your acerbic conversational skills.

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