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Uranus square Mars

Easier said than done

Kelli Fox

This one-year transit will mark a period of stress in your love life, in which you'll have a hard time making a good, stable connection with someone special. If you do get involved long-term, it will probably be with someone who's emotionally unstable, who will really test your patience and commitment to the relationship. The foot-in-mouth tendencies you'll have during this time will be more in your actions than your words.

You'll do plenty of things that you'll regret later, which is a good reason to stay sober when you're out on a date with someone new! It would be terrible to wake up the next morning kicking yourself for the things you wish you hadn't done the night before. Self-destructive tendencies could also run high now, making words of caution about partying too hard rather moot. You'll do what you're going to do, throwing caution to the winds. Expect your feelings toward a potential sweetie to change rapidly. You'll act on your feelings, starting arguments, initiating breakups prematurely or even deciding on a whim to run off and elope. Not a good idea! It would be best to try to relax and be less active and reactive -- which is easier said than done.

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