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Uranus square Jupiter

A strangely interesting period

Kelli Fox

You'll probably go out with lots of different people during this one-year transit, as its erratic energy doesn't lend itself well to commitment and stability. For one thing, you'll keep running into types that make you nervous with their opportunistic personalities. You might go out on a date and be in self-protective mode the entire time, because you'll feel like your date is constantly on the make.

You'll also attract excessive types at this time. What's the deal? Is it them, or is it you? Something's going on to make your romantic liaisons keep taking on this strange, nerve-racking tone. On the other hand, this will be a strangely interesting period as well; you'll come into contact with all different kinds of people, and even if the romantic connection doesn't happen, you might make some new friends. Simultaneously, however, you could become distanced from some old ones. Well, no one ever said this transit was about balance; in fact, its energy is about just the opposite of that. Chaotic, confusing situations will become the norm; if you went out on a date with someone normal and modest, you might not know what to do with them!

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