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Uranus square Juno

False starts

Kelli Fox

This one-year transit could be a real trial when it comes to your love life. You know you want love and commitment, but you'll feel again and again as if your efforts are being stifled. Every time you think a relationship is going someplace wonderful, something will happen to upset the balance.

You might go through several false starts and breakups during this period; love might keep slipping away from you. This could take a couple of different forms: one possibility is that you do want to make a commitment to someone you love; you just don't necessarily want to do it in the way that's been prescribed by society at large -- dating, commitment, marriage, 2.3 kids and the rest. But the people you keep getting involved with seem locked into that societal standard of the normal progression of a love affair. Or, on the similar but opposite side of things, you might really want all those traditional trappings of romance, but you keep getting involved with people who seem to have no interest in settling down. Either way, it will be tough, and this period will challenge you to take a close look at your goals in love and figure out whether they're really viable.

Uranus square Juno in the Compatibility Chart

Uranus square Juno in the Composite Chart

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