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Uranus sextile Uranus

Giving priority to number one

Kelli Fox

This one-year transit will come about only twice in your life, so its effects should certainly be enjoyed. Unless you're a young teenager playing the online dating game, you're probably around seventy years old -- the second time this transit comes through -- so congratulations to you! You're at an even better place now than ever before when it comes to connecting with people in a sweet, romantic, meaningful way.

You've been around enough to know how relationships work and now you're operating from a place in which you know what you want out of love. You're in touch with your emotional needs, and the distractions that used to get in the way of focusing on these internal matters -- like your career, finances and so on -- just aren't as much of a problem anymore. Now you're freer than ever before to focus on yourself, the universe, how it all works and what it all means. Who better to share your thoughts with than someone sweet and special? You have the chance now to make a very satisfying romantic connection with someone who will love listening to your perspective on life and sharing theirs with you.

Uranus sextile Uranus in the Compatibility Chart

Uranus sextile Uranus in the Transit Chart

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  1. Eujanie Nelson on July 12, 2016 at 12:55 pm

    It just so happens I was born in San Francisco almost 69 yrs. ago, but I’ve lived the majority of my life in the Midwest! It will be interesting to here from someone from my hometown! Thanks!


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