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Uranus sextile Sun

Creative self-revelations

Kelli Fox

Your life could change in some subtle but fun and interesting ways during the course of this long transit. Your eyes and heart are open to new experiences now, and you're interested in people who can show you a new way of living. You might be very attracted to someone whose philosophy of life is quite different from yours, and intriguing to you both for its substance and for its very difference.

You'll find new, creative ways of expressing yourself when you're getting to know someone new; if you've been hesitant in the past to talk about yourself or reveal your true personality due to nervousness with someone new, all of that will start to shift. You'll begin to enjoy the getting-to-know-you process with a potential date, and you'll love revealing yourself in creative or assertive ways. And you'll definitely love the warm attention you'll receive. Your admirers will tune in to you because you're putting out such energy at this time. They want to know who you are, and you want to show them. In this way, you'll take control of your love life and begin to shape it to fit the creative, unique individual that you are.

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