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Uranus sextile Pluto

An engaging process of change

Kelli Fox

Your values regarding relationships will change during this one-year period. All of a sudden, you have a brand-new perspective on life and what it all means, and whatever ideas you had before about what you were looking for in love no longer apply. For you, at this point in your life, that's a great thing.

You're ready for these changes, because they mean you're evolving into a new you -- a you that's a lot closer to the authentic self that has been in hiding so far in this life. This transformation should be an interesting and engaging process, especially if you've been through a hard time romantically; and through it all, you'll meet lots of interesting and attractive people that you'll consider for your love life. Someone very special could help you along on your personal quest for change by helping you identify which parts of your life are no longer working for you. You'll connect deeply with this person, as a lover, a friend and a confidant. You'll discuss your past with them, and they will help you analyze your origins and where you're headed next. This could turn out to be a very significant relationship, but even if it doesn't last, it will always be a fond memory for its significance in your life at the time.

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