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Uranus sextile Neptune

A spiritual quest

Kelli Fox

You're on a deep, subtle but penetrating quest to understand the universe in a more holistic way now, including all its many mysteries, and so you'll be attracted during this one-year transit to people who can help you develop your spiritual understanding. If you connect with someone now who's as philosophical and questioning as you are, you could end up falling deeply in love, because this will be such a meaningful bond for you. Even if you don't fall in love at this time, your love life will be affected.

Your ideals regarding relationships will change -- they will become more meaningful and focused than ever before, and could even shift entirely to something new. At the end of this period, you might have a whole new set of goals in love; whereas before, for example, it might have been important to you to find a lifelong mate to marry and raise children with, now you might think that your connection with someone in the moment is more important than the long term. Or, just the opposite of that could happen. Who knows? Only you can find out where your spiritual quest will lead you, and who you'll be at the end of it.

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