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Uranus sextile Mars

Acting on impulse

Kelli Fox

You've got a new sense of energy and excitement during this one-year transit. You know what you want in love and you want to get out into the world and find it! You're probably not willing to compromise on your needs, so if you go on a date with someone who ends up not meeting your list of criteria, it's sayonara, baby.

You don't have time now to dally around with someone who's not really what you're looking for -- not because you're actually running out of time, but because your restless spirit won't allow you to sit still unless there's a really good reason! You might not get involved with anyone long-term during this period; instead, you'll hop around a lot, trying out all different kinds of dates and people. If someone does happen to stick in your life, it will happen because they're a unique and spontaneous soul who is willing and able to give you the freedom you require. The good news is, you won't make any promises you can't keep. During this period, you'll do what you say you'll do, because you're unashamedly yourself now. Whatever impulses you have toward new and interesting people, you'll follow them.

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