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Uranus opposite Venus

Unmistakably yourself

Kelli Fox

You're in the mood to be and do exactly as you please during this one-year transit, so have a great time! You're attracted to unusual people, and they'll be attracted to you, because your innate creativity is on display. The clothes you wear, the way you fix your hair, the spring in your step -- all of it works together to create an impression for your admirers, and during this period, you're someone who's funky and unusual, someone they really want to get to know.

And you could do a lot of getting to know plenty of special people, yourself. This transit is usually a lot of fun and full of romantic encounters, but it's not much for long-lasting, committed relationships. You're more likely to have a series of strange and interesting flings than to settle down with anyone in particular. And during this period, that's okay. As long as you don't make any promises to anyone that you can't keep, you should feel perfectly free to have a good time doing what you want to do. Do be aware, though, that you might push things pretty far during this time; don't be surprised if other people start to view your eccentricity as downright weird.

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