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Uranus opposite Uranus

Asking the tough questions

Kelli Fox

This period could be upsetting for you in certain ways, because it's all about making changes in your life -- usually big ones. This transit marks the classic mid-life crisis. In the end, you'll look back and realize this was an important and necessary period of adjustment.

In terms of love, you may feel discouraged at this time. Restlessness and irritability pervade your body and soul. Perhaps you've been through the ending of a major relationship, and now you're thinking about getting back into the game again... Or maybe you've been back in the game, with little lasting success so far. Don't lose hope. You're being challenged to ask yourself some tough questions, but the answers will tell you where you need to go next. If you've been through a series of short, dissatisfying affairs, you're not choosing the right kind of person to get involved with. You need to seek more sweetness and stability in your love life, even if those seem boring to you. If an old, significant relationship went bad, hold on to the lessons you learned from that experience, even if it's painful to recall what went wrong. After all, you were responsible for half the relationship's collapse, so now you're in a better position to do things in a new way.

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