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Uranus opposite Sun

Where you'll go, nobody knows

Kelli Fox

Your love life will lead you in some surprising new directions during this long transit. If you end up breaking up with someone special, remember that it's for the best -- it may even be fated. Everything in your life that seems like a loss is actually a gain of something else that isn't apparent yet; every ending is also a beginning of something new.

That's the name of the game during this period. Your only job is to go with the flow, and trust in the universe to take you where you want to go. You're restless in your love life at this time; you probably won't make a commitment, even if you fall in love. And if you do commit to someone, don't be surprised if your plans for the relationship go awry. The energy of this transit has a way of upsetting the apple cart of your life; whether the upset comes from within you or outside of you, the effects will be the same. Think of this period as a roller coaster ride -- sometimes it's fun, sometimes it's scary, and it might even make you sick from time to time! Before you know it, it will be over -- and you'll be in a brand-new place, with brand-new experiences under your belt.

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