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Uranus opposite Saturn

Unexpected disruptions

Kelli Fox

Though of course you want to have a smooth dating life, that just might not be possible during this one-year transit. Tensions are bubbling to the surface in your life, affecting everything you do and everyone you interact with, including that special someone. If you get into sudden arguments with a sweetie or even break up with them out of the blue, don't be surprised; those are just symptoms of the general instability during this period.

You could realize suddenly that that certain someone, who you thought was so special, is really not who you thought they were at all. You'll feel discombobulated and disillusioned -- how could you have read them so wrong? This will happen again and again in different ways, so instead of beating yourself up about it, look for the deeper lesson. The usually predictable pattern of your life is being shaken up for a reason. If you're going through setbacks in your love life, it means that you need to take a closer look at your approach to romance and make some changes. If you can make the changes in a conscious way, you'll be able to take back some control during this chaotic time.

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