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Uranus opposite Mercury

Use your words

Kelli Fox

During this one-year-long transit, you'll be more nervous than usual when trying to connect with new people, and if you're normally a calm, confident person, you'll definitely notice the effects. You'll want to get to know that special someone, but instead of conversation flowing naturally, you'll feel pressure for things to move in a certain direction, and disappointment when they fail to do so. You'll want to be smooth and suave, but instead you'll feel awkward, tense, even high-strung.

You might give your date the impression that you just can't relax; and when your opinions don't match up, you might fly off the handle and start an argument before you even realize what you've done. Another possibility for this transit is that you won't feel like you have an adequate handle on that special someone in your life; information about them will seem like it's coming at you fast and strong and you won't know how to read it accurately. If you feel overwhelmed when trying to get a read on someone new, that will push you to frustration even faster than a difference of opinion. Try to keep calm during this time and use your words to figure out what's really going on.

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