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Uranus opposite Mars

Watch out for future regrets

Kelli Fox

You're highly impulsive during this one-year transit, and that's a long time to watch yourself and your behavior; but that's just what you're going to have to do if you want to avoid trouble. You can have a lot of fun during this period; you'll meet all kinds of strange and interesting people, and you'll follow your desires toward them without a second thought. That's part of the problem this exciting energy brings.

You'll act without thinking; you'll jump headfirst into a love affair before you even know the person, or you'll cut off a relationship abruptly even though you've both been enjoying each other immensely. You might start arguments, even with people you don't know well, and you'll embarrass the both of you if you start a fight while you're out on a date or at a party. This transit can also mark more seriously impulsive behavior -- the kind that you wake up from with a headache and major regrets. So try to keep yourself in check. Don't party too hard, especially not with someone you've just met; you'll make the wrong impression if they have to support you back to the car.

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