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Uranus opposite Jupiter

Sudden losses and gains

Kelli Fox

You'll take more risks during this one-year transit than you'd ever normally indulge in, and whether that turns out to be in your favor remains to be seen. Typically, this transit coincides with behavior that's far outside the realm of who you really are as a person, and that's not such a great thing. You might do things totally out of character that you'll later regret, which is no fun.

On the other hand, you might take a chance on someone that you think isn't really your type, and find that you actually like them a lot and really get along with them. That's the kind of risk-taking behavior that would be on the positive side during this period; the negative side occurs when you decide to take your date to a casino and you end up gambling away everything in your bank account, or you decide it would be fun to ride on the back of that hottie's motorcycle without a helmet, or any of a number of other behaviors that probably won't have a great outcome. Your impulsiveness is high and your filter for screening out the good ideas from the bad ones isn't in place. When your close friends tell you not to do something, you'd do best to listen; they know you well, including your limits.

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